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As a Zimbabwean born artist currently living in the United Kingdom, different cultures and people have always been an integral influence in Natasha's life which translates into her art.

She focuses on what society deems beauty to be. Her art centers around body positivity and what it means to be beautiful. By exploring conditions that people suffer from such as vitiligo, stretch marks or ageism. She chooses to concentrate on how these unique markings by nature are a true part of human existence. Conditions which in some parts of the world that are seen as shameful or have stigma tied to them.      

As human beings, we are all different and have unique attributes which should be embraced. She wants to portray how society can deem imperfections as different, yet to her they are a cause for celebration. 

The subject matter of each piece determines the materials used in the piece. Each project often consists of graphite, however, contains a subtle colour in a range of different media.

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