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The Body, Reclaimed, hosted by Natasha Muluswela in collaboration with BLACKONBLACK, was a 6-week interactive workshop for womxn to create art, listen to music and discuss what body positivity means to them. Each session explored the varying relationships we have with our bodies by focusing on a different body part e.g. chest/shoulders, bums, tummies, breasts and backs.

We wanted to facilitate an open dialogue and create a safe space for womxn to explore and cultivate the relationships they have with their bodies and remind them that body positivity includes all womxn, including women of colour without judgement — a great place to start is seeing positive representations.

By the end of the workshop, attendees had worked on their own, full self-portrait that became part of a larger group mural representing the beautiful diversity of womxn.

The Body, Reclaimed: Bio
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