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Natasha Muluswela b. 1995. I am a self-taught, Zimbabwean-born visual artist based in the United Kingdom. I graduated in 2017, obtaining my degree in French and Spanish at Nottingham Trent University.
My intricately detailed paintings confront and examine how clothing is policed on the bodies of minorities. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, personal experiences and by the tragic killings of young, unarmed, Black men wearing hoodies. I delve into the politicisation, criminalisation and the demonisation of hoodies and tracksuits on the bodies of Black people.
Another central facet of my work focuses on body positivity, exploring what it means to be deemed as beautiful in our society. I explore skin conditions such as vitiligo, stretch marks and ageism. While deemed as imperfections to some or outright shameful to others, I highlight how these unique markings are what makes us human.
As of recently, my work has taken more of a conceptual standpoint by integrating moving images, imagination and fine art. I have always had a keen interest on how these three things can intertwine together to tell a story. Through hyper-surrealism, I use symbolism of faceless figures to challenge the viewers’ preconceived perceptions and ideologies of what it means to occupy space as a migrant. Shedding light on the deep-rooted realities of racism, discrimination and marginalisation in a post-colonial oppressive system. Challenging my views on not only Africa's political past and present but its potential and future through my art.
Though the themes of the work differ, they all interrogate the viewer’s perception of self. How do you see yourself? Furthermore, what role do you play in the narrative?                                                                    Graphite provides the foundations for each work, the colour comes from a range of mediums and materials, often informed by the subject of the piece.

Nottingham Trent University BA (hons) French and Spanish, 2017.  
Represented by Degree Art Online Gallery based in Somerset House London. 

Selected Art Exhibitions: 
2023 - National Portrait Gallery, Portrait of a Top Boy, an online display of 16 incredible portraits by Black artists to mark the final season of the iconic series Top Boy. Curated by Ronan Mckenzie and presented by Netflix, London. UK.
2023- Somerset House, Portrait of a Top Boy, an exhibition of 16 portraits of the iconic series, Top Boy. To mark its final chapter. Curated by Ronan MCkenzie and presented by Netflix, London, UK.
Selected Art Fairs: 
2023- The Other Art Fair, London, UK. 
Group Exhibitions:
2023 - Bridewell Studios & Gallery, SHE, Liverpool, UK.
2021 - Matthews Yard, Expressions of Freedom, London, UK.
2020 - Deptford Does Art,  AJOYO, London, UK. 
2019 - King's College,  Project X BHM 2019, London, UK.
2019 -­ hARTslane, Unseen & Unspoken, London, UK.
2019 - Nexus Creative,  African Art Shared, London, UK.
2019 - Dalston,  Africa Week, London, UK. 
2019 - ­NuDwan London,  Collection d’Art, London, UK. 
2018 - Nolias Gallery, A Celebration of Difference, London, UK.
2018 - Africa Centre, BAME Freedom Festival, London, UK.
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2023 - Shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize 2023, London, UK. 
2023 - Bingham Rivershouse, Game Changers, London, 2023.
2023 - Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop, Time, Labour, Process, London, UK. 
2023 - Shortlisted for SpitalFields Studios, New Wave Exhibition, London, UK.
2021 - Gucci Circolo Space, Home presents Collective Processes at Gucci, London, UK. 
2021 - Mall Galleries, ING Discerning Eye 2021, London, UK.
2021 - D Contemporary Gallery, Threshold, London, UK. 
2021 - Kachette, Artistry Unlocked, London, UK.
2019 ­- New Wave Studios,  Positive Masculinity, London, UK.
2019 - Piano Nobile Kings Place, The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2019, London, UK. 
2019 - Uber,  Black History Month by Bettershared, London, UK. 
2022 - ACME  ALTERNATIVE PATHWAY AWARDS, London, UK. Six month studio residency, materials and bursary with ACME. From October 2022 - April 2023.
2021 - Mainline-space, 1-month residency, (online)
Self-written Publications: 
“Ken Nwadiogbu Spearhead's His Own Movement Coined 'Contempo-realism” NewWave Magazine. 17.09.2019.
Live Talk With ING Discerning Eye, 16.12.2021
Bettershared Stories Live with Natasha Muluswela, 07.04.2021
Sketching Skin, Interview with Beyond The Black Canvas, 18.02.2021.
Let’s Talk Creatives Episode #19 ft Natasha Hyperrealist Artist, Interview with TheArtFreak, 11.05.2020
Self-Directed and Curated Workshops: 
2020 - The Body, Reclaimed, online. 
2020 - The Body Series, online. 
Curated Exhibitions: 
2023 - House of African Art, The Playground, London,, Uk.
2020 - Bow Bunker, The New East Festival, London, UK.
2023 - The Other Art Fair: New Future’s London Class of 2023. Selected by Erin Remington, Manager of Curation and Ryan Stanier, Fair Founder. 
2022 - Rockett StGeorge at Liberty London,  #Changeagirlslife competition. London, UK. 
2020 - ArtXReview, online. 
Commissioned Projects: 
2023 - Portrait of a Top Boy                                                                                                                                         A commissioned portrait by Netflix of the character Shelley in the popular series, Top Boy. A collection of 16 portraits, including myself to mark the final chapter and commemorate the legacy of the characters who embody the iconic series. Curated by Ronan McKenzie. Displayed at Somerset House from 9-13 September 2023.
2022 - The World Reimagined                                                                                                                                 Two public globe sculpture artworks which explore the journey of social and racial justice in London and Leicester & how we understand the transatlantic slave trade its long lasting impact. One for The City of London and One for Leicester, UK. Displayed at Bow Churchyard, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Museum and Gallery.                                                                                                                                                                                           
Now permanently located at Victoria Park in Leicester and Guildhall London.

2021 - VII                                                                                                                                                 Commissioned album cover for artist, Kaelon.
2020 - Too Black To Wear Whites                                                                                                           Commissioned portrait of Krom Hendricks, a Cricket Hero who was Rejected by Cecil John Rhode’s Empire,  for Pitch Publishing. 
2020 - A Straggling Life, Andrew Watson                                                                                                              Biography of the World's First Black Footballer Andrew Watson by Llew Walker for Pitch Publishing. 
2020 - If I Don’t Have You                                                                                                                                         A commissioned portrait of the novel If I Don’t Have You by author Sareeta Domingo
2020 - Inherently Political                                                                                                                               Commissioned album cover for artist, Romarna Campbell.

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Natasha Muluswela 

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